Twitter stunned: Kim Kardashian earns $10,000 a tweet.

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Twitter stunned: Kim Kardashian earns $10,000 a tweet.

Twitter users were stunned to learn that Kim Kardashian is currently garnering $10,000 a tweet from advertisers. Most Twitter users were more amazed than bothered by the fact that Kardashian’s Twitter page contains paid advertisements. Other users were concerned that she didn’t label her sponsored tweets like Perez Hilton and other celebrity endorsers.

Kardashian’s Twitter page is littered with tweets likes this, “Check out my commercial for @carlsjr…What do you think?” and “OMG!!! Bumpits! I need it! LOL.” Which tweets are paid? At this time, Kardashian’s Twitter page does not have any tweets labeled as sponsored. According to Derek Rey the co-founder of; Kardashian’s sponsored tweets are limited to once per day.

NEW YORK – Kim Kardashian is cashing on her tweets, as the socialite’s being paid as much as 10,000 dollars to spread the word about products on her Twitter page.

With apparently 2.7 million followers, the reality TV star seems to have become a prime candidate for endorsing the hottest new thing – even if it’s a salad.

Her recent Twitter post reads: “The Carl’s Jr grilled chicken salads came out yesterday!! I’m on my way to Carl’s Jr for lunch now . . . have you tried them yet?”

The 29-year-old reality TV star has inked a deal with the “in-stream advertising” company to endorse the fast food chain’s salads, reports the New York Post. co-founder Derek Rey told PRNewser, Carl’s Jr. isn’t an campaign client and Kardashian has merely signed on the dotted line to endorse the fast food chain’s salads, for which she has commanded 10,000 dollars per tweet.

Rey says Karsashian and the other celebs on his roster are limited to one paid tweet per day to avoid turning her audience off with obvious product placements.

“We’re not a polluter,” Rey said, adding that if she’s tweeting-for-cash, she has to disclose it.

Kim Kardashian Said:

I’m so thrilled that I made Twitter’s featured users list!!! It’s such an amazing honor!

People actually bribe twitter to get on the list — check out this crazy article!

I’m sure glad I didn’t have to drop $250,000 to get featured. Ha!

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Kardashian’s Recent Tweets:

* @insertfunny, “Kim Kardashian makes $10k every time she tweets. And I lost my job today.”
* @Made2shine, “nice job 🙂 @kimkardashian RT @MorpheusMedia: Whoa, Kim Kardashian makes up to $10k per sponsored tweet through…”
* @cfpdx, “This disgusts me RT @iamkhayyam: Kim Kardashian Ka$hes In On Twitter – Get Paid $10K/Tweet…”
* @imnotobsessed, “Kim Kardashian gets paid $10k/ day 2 post 1 advertismnt on feed.”Go buy X” or “Just tried out Y”-B careful wht U believe.”
* @dino101, “I will AVOID any company that Kim Kardashian tweets about (FILE UNDER: $10K PER TWEET)”
* @viva_alexm, “WTH How does Kim Kardashian earn 10k per tweet…..<–who is paying and I WANT IN.”
* @Torossian5wpr, “If Kim Kardashian Can Get $10K a Tweet, Why Can’t Twitter?”
* @benzojones, “Kim Kardashian Gets Paid $10,000 Per Tweet… My booties big! My Tweets should at least be worth $150!”


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